Grief in the Workplace

Coping With Grief in the Workplace

The loss of a colleague may be extremely disruptive and difficult to handle.  Gratefully, more and more administrators are keyed in to the psychological and emotional needs of their staff.  Over the years, the Center has specialized in facilitating loss situations and coping with grief in the workplace.  We have met with schools, religious institutions, and corporations to provide needed guidance through the complexities of losing a cherished friend and colleague.  Employees may find their concentration and overall job performance suffer in the aftermath of a death at work.

Meaningful conversations, projects, simple chit-chat with a colleague may be left cut-off and unfinished.  For younger staff, there is often no template for losing a friend or colleague resulting in confusion, poor coping strategies, and absenteeism.  Managers may not have the knowledge base or skills to help staff begin to process the loss in a meaningful way.  Hiring a grief consultant to assist you and your staff in processing and recovering from the loss of a colleague is a smart and compassionate business decision.

Personal Grief Rituals by Paul M. Martin

Personal Grief Rituals by Paul M. Martin

Personal Grief Rituals presents a new model for how bereaved individuals can create unique expressions of mourning that are tailored to their psychological needs and grounded in memories and emotions specific to the relationship they lost. This book examines cultures...