Therapy Services

Adjusting to the change that comes with significant loss may involve us emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Whether the loss is anticipated or sudden, person-centered, or situation-centered (i.e., loss of job, health, life dreams or transitions), the emotions and questions that follow a loss, may be intense and confusing.  Although grief is a normal human psychological, healing process, complications may arise from the unfinished business of past losses or the stress of attempting to mourn while coping with the demands of everyday life.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help Dealing with Loss

Getting help dealing with loss from specialists keeps you and your individual needs in focus.  While the emotions of grieving may be universal, your experience is unique.  The nature of the loss, your own support system, and your internal reactions are uniquely couched in the fabric of your individual, family, and cultural backgrounds.  Your story is understood within a warm, caring, and safe environment.  Building on your inner strengths, new skills can be learned.  And as you work through all aspects of grief and mourning, you can regain your balance, develop a sense of completeness, and re-engage in life in a deeper way.


Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy, using both traditional and experiential methods, are offered in many formats.

Therapy for Professionals who need help dealing with loss is also offered, as our own treatment experiences become significant as a model for helping others.  Many of our clients are therapists or graduate students in the therapeutic professions.

The Center participates in the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network, Medicare, and other PPO insurance networks.  We accept private pay as well as negotiate with our clients to establish fees based on their unique financial circumstances.