Guided Imagery for Professionals

Thank you for your interest in our guided imagery audio training project. We are confident you will benefit from our unique approach to the subject of using relaxed brain wave states to facilitate positive therapeutic results in pain management, stress reduction, progressive relaxation, creativity, personal and spiritual growth. The content you will purchase is invaluable in terms of learning the fundamentals of guided imagery as well as providing a solid ground for beginning to add to your practice as a therapist. The technique of guided imagery is used optimally as an adjunct to an already well-established therapeutic alliance with your clients. Safety and trust grounded in your constancy and commitment to help as a therapist will facilitate maximum benefit. Further, the carefully selected scripts should be rehearsed and practiced to ensure that your confidence level is solid before using them with your clients. As with all experiential based therapeutic interventions, your use of guided imagery will be most effective after you have actually experienced them yourself. So kick back, put on your headphones or earbuds in and begin practicing.

Please listen to the free audio introduction, Guided Imagery for Professionals, for details.


If after sampling the free introduction, you’re interested in learning more…

You can choose to purchase one or more of the offerings. One offering includes an imagery script and technical discussion (couplet). To begin, we will upload 4 guided imagery and technical discussion couplets to our website for purchase. Total charge per couplet is $10.00 separately or buy all 4 for $35.00.  Feel free to use our paypal portal on the website. If you prefer to mail in a check, contact our office via email or phone.

We will be uploading different titles as time goes on and in response to the degree of interest in this project. At this time, we are prepared to upload 10-12 guided imagery and technical discussion couplets.

All of the revenue generated by the Guided Imagery for Professionals project will go into our scholarship fund, which has been established to help defray the cost of our bereavement counseling and psychotherapy services to clients in financial hardship circumstances.

We are interested in your feedback, so feel free to comment and/or ask questions via email at

Workbook Introduction

Progressive Relaxation Through Breathing – Script 1

A Journey Into Nature – Script 2

Light of the Sun – Script 3

Ancient Tree – Script 4


First Four Couplets

Safety Issues – Script 5


Safety Issues – Script 5 – Discussion