Are you trying to get through grief and mourning?

Do you want to re-engage in life and access your own creativity?

Are you seeking a deeper change within yourself?

Welcome to the Center for Grief Recovery and Therapeutic Services

The Center has returned to in-person bereavement counseling and psychotherapy services, but will also continue telehealth sessions. To schedule an initial appointment in our offices or by telehealth, please contact us directly. Thank you.

We accept BCBS-PPO and Choice Plans. We also offer a sliding scale, and self-pay option for those without insurance. We are committed to working with individuals from all walks of life and believe in the core humanitarian values of equality, compassion, cooperation, and sharing. These times are unprecedented for us and the losses we are enduring are profound. Therefore the Center will sustain our efforts by working virtually via phone or video formats for therapy sessions and are prepared to continue in this manner until we can safely return to the office. Feel free to call our main number for an intake appointment or send an email via the website.

We have much to grieve now— All of us, on many levels and in many ways. We must do so as a collective and individually. Grief is universal and extremely personal.

Respecting and coming to know the pain and confusion of grief will set the stage for the way forward. We suffer through it all, accept it as best as possible, remember our connection, and go on. Mourning leads back into life.

The Center’s therapeutic services go beyond grief and mourning. As our name suggests, we have evolved since our founding in 1985 to respond to the need for various kinds of therapeutic work in addition to bereavement counseling. To that end, we offer therapies with application to a broad band of personal growth work. Clients receive assistance developing their own unique agenda for inner repair, strengthening and expanding. Through our work with many clients, and our own studies into the powers of human potential, we believe in the possibilities of imagination and creativity to facilitate such personal work.

Increasing awareness of these innate qualities encourages movement from entrenchment toward change and growth. Experiences of regaining balance and moving forward become more accessible and prolonged. Our clients are more comfortable knowing that we provide services across a spectrum, as this allows for meaningful and fitting therapeutic interventions.

Do you want to believe in and experience the good that is on the other side of grief and stagnation? We have worked with hundreds of people in individual and group sessions. Sustaining life energy and meaningful purpose can be difficult. At the Center for Grief Recovery, we help you heal from grief and grow into a more grounded and vital life.

In compliance with the No Surprises Act of January, 2022, the Center’s therapists are discussing “good faith estimates” with all of our non-insured clients.  Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the new government standards.


If you are a client or donor please click the PayPal button below and follow the prompts to make your payment. If applicable, enter the therapist’s name, and change the quantity on PayPal’s site if you are paying for multiple sessions.

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New: Guided Imagery for Professionals

Check out our new Guided Imagery for Professionals audio project! Use these one of a kind guided imagery scripts and technical discussions to enhance your knowledge and skills in the use of this premier method. We will be adding more scripts and technical discussions soon!

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