The Institute

The Institute for Creativity and Development

Over the decades, we have done as much as possible to increase understanding of the issues involved in bereavement and loss, working to sensitize both the lay and professional communities, while offering direct services to bereaved individuals.

Our Institute for Creativity and Development is the vehicle through which we provide continuing education (CEU’s) sponsored professional development programs.  In fact, the Institute has recently acquired a beautiful home in our newly renovated group room located next door to our main office suite.  Lectures, seminars, and workshops on relevant clinical topics are offered on a quarterly basis.

The Institute’s Speakers’ Bureau

The Institute speakers and presenters have expertise in many different areas. For a list of sample seminars and workshops that the Institute has provided for professional development work, please visit The Speakers’ Bureau.

We also lead trainings on complimentary therapeutic methods such as mindfulness meditation, dream interpretation, breath work, and guided imagery. Our presenters are well informed, passionate, and skilled in various teaching methods. We often customize our services—on the fly if necessary— to fit the educational needs of our attendees.

Guest Speakers for the Institute for Creativity and Development

center-for-grief-recovery-institute-seminarIn addition to our own staff, the Institute occasionally draws from local clinicians and presenters to share their knowledge and experience through our series entitled, “On Being…A Therapist”.  Various educational formats are utilized to increase learning, such as case studies, panel discussions, interviews, and workshop exercises.  We are excited to bring together individual clinicians who value close study of therapeutic work and believe in the power of continuing professional development.  The liveliness and healing potential of therapeutic relationships depend in large part upon each clinician’s commitment to expanding upon their current understandings of human behavior in the social environment.

Finally, to expand the Institute’s services to the community we will be offering public education seminars in grief and mourning.  On a nominal and/or donation fee basis, participants will learn about foundational elements of grief therapy, normal phases of mourning, community support, as well as information and referral.