When Jerry Rothman lost his older brother in a hunting accident he was 8 years old, and couldn’t have known then how such a shattering event would catalyze his subsequent co-founding of a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) counseling center aptly named, The Center for Grief Recovery and Sibling Loss (CGR).

Borne of the complex admixture of tragedy, grief, and creativity, CGR has helped scores of individuals, groups, families, and mental health professionals cope with and learn from these experiential depths in order to empower and heal self and others.

We have been doing our work since 1985 and are going strong.

As part of our mission, CGR has created a scholarship fund for clients who neither have health insurance, nor can afford to pay privately for our counseling services. Using the fund, we’ve been able to help many clients get the counseling services they need. Depending upon their financial circumstances, clients have contributed toward the fee, while others have had the entire cost covered. But as with all funds, we are confronting a slow and steady dwindling…

When considering your end-of-year donations, please keep in mind our scholarship fund and mission at CGR: “To empower individuals to heal their own lives.” Our grief counseling and psychotherapy services are informed by years of seasoning and deep experience. We help in the most dark and confusing of circumstances, providing a safe relational dwelling place for the intense reactions emanating from and love and loss, while empathically moving toward recovery, and healing.

If you’d like to donate to our scholarship fund please click on the link below and follow the PayPal prompts.  Alternatively, Zelle payments can be made to Center for Grief Recovery and Sibling Loss;  Finally, for snail mailing checks, use our address at:

Center for Grief Recovery

1263 W Loyola Ave

Chicago, IL 60626

Thank you and may the new year bring new light and good health.


David Fireman, LCSW

Ben Gorvine

If you are a client or donor please click the PayPal button below and follow the prompts to make your payment. If applicable, enter the therapist’s name, and change the quantity on PayPal’s site if you are paying for multiple sessions.

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