Individual Therapy

center-for-grief-recovery-individual-therapy-counselingWe use both traditional and experiential methods to help individuals find their own growth path. In Individual Counseling our licensed clinicians actively help people face emotionally intense issues and life transitions within a respectful and safe environment. Individual Counseling promotes a warm, open, flexible therapeutic relationship, which over time helps to develop new strengths and skills for living through and beyond loss.

Our seasoned Psychologists, Social Workers and Counselors have been practicing in their fields for decades. We are trained in traditional western psychotherapy practice and grief recovery practices, but have a wide array of special interests in complimentary forms of healing.

The course of individual counseling is tailored to meet the unique needs of each person. Most of our clients land and stay in individual counseling for as long as it takes to begin feeling re-balanced and strengthened again. See our Counselors section for specific background information about our therapists.

How You Know Individual Counseling Is Working:

We have developed a list of outcomes that you can use.  Remember that each person is unique and will have their own particular version or experience of these outcomes from engaging in our individual counseling service:

  • You feel increasingly mature
  • You feel more powerful
  • You are more active and less passive
  • You give up attempts to control others yet have more influence with others
  • You have increased ability to shape the environment
  • You are more aware of your deeper needs, and get more of your needs met
  • You are more independent
  • You are more connected to others
  • You have a broader range of emotional responses
  • You feel more balanced

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