Death of a Partner

Grieving After the Death of a Partner

When a life partner or spouse dies, the loss involves us on all levels.  The chaos that may ensue takes our breath away and leaves us feeling torn in the deepest places.  So many of our physical and emotional needs are met through ongoing connection with a partner and the rupture of losing such person tears at the fabric of our very self.  Recognizing the many facets and features of the relationship, reacting to, and remembering them, is often a painful but meaningful challenge in the therapeutic recovery process. 

Gradually and sensitively learning to hold onto certain aspects of the connection and—in layers and levels—to let go of others will be a large part of the work moving forward.  Ultimately, there is no way around the complexity of emotions involved with grieving after the death of a partner. However, working and persevering with a skilled companion in a safe and contained environment can help begin a healing perspective and bring increasing order to the chaos.


Personal Grief Rituals by Paul M. Martin

Personal Grief Rituals by Paul M. Martin

Personal Grief Rituals presents a new model for how bereaved individuals can create unique expressions of mourning that are tailored to their psychological needs and grounded in memories and emotions specific to the relationship they lost. This book examines cultures...