Professional Development

Professional Development in Grief Counseling

center-for-grief-recovery-professional-developmentOur Institute for Creativity and Development is the vehicle through which we provide continuing education (CEU’s)  sponsored programs for professional development in grief counseling. The Institute has recently acquired a beautiful home in our newly-renovated group room,  next door to our main office. Lectures, seminars, and workshops on relevant clinical topics are offered on a quarterly basis.
In addition, we offer professionals an opportunity to obtain consultation from our licensed clinical psychologists , licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical counselors. All of our clinicians have extensive training and experience in helping professionals achieve their full potential. The complexities of ever-changing organizations, complicated clients, and expanded professional responsibilities, force us to seek more help in keeping our balance at work in order to feel good about our work identity.

Professional consultation is a service designed for clinicians in private practice and/or agency settings.

Many clinicians find that their education in grief counseling is insufficient. In addition, they often discover their own emotional blocks may prevent clients in mourning from benefiting from a thorough treatment. For these reasons, the Center has designed consultation and teaching modules that illuminate the dynamics of uncomplicated and complicated mourning situations, helping clinicians to better serve their clients. Our consultation service blends understanding of both long-term therapy dynamics as well as sophisticated knowledge of grief counseling.