Recently, we’ve had several conversations with therapists who have requested information about the intersection between loss experiences and ongoing psychotherapy.  Many therapists need to increase their knowledge and experience helping individuals through the intense emotional landscape that must be traversed when loss occurs.  Particularly challenging, is working with clients whose self cohesiveness and vitality were compromised, distorted, or derailed prior to the loss circumstance.  In this context, a strong theoretical framework can provide grounding and insight for the arduous work ahead.

The Center offers professionals an opportunity to obtain consultation from our licensed clinical psychologists , licensed clinical social workers and licensed clinical counselors.  All of our clinicians have extensive training and experience in helping professionals achieve their full potential.  The complexities of ever-changing organizations, complicated clients, and expanded professional responsibilities, force us to seek more help in keeping our balance at work in order to stay informed and feel competent.

Professional consultation is a service designed for clinicians in private practice and/or agency settings.

Many clinicians find that their education in grief counseling is insufficient.  In addition, they often discover their own emotional blocks may prevent clients in mourning from benefiting from a deep and thorough treatment.  For these reasons, the Center has designed consultation and teaching modules that illuminate the dynamics of mourning and psychotherapy, helping clinicians to better serve their clients.  Our consultation service blends understanding of both long-term therapy dynamics as well as sophisticated knowledge of grief counseling.  The service is tailor made, based upon a needs assessment taken during the initial consultation.  Written materials are provided for study and reference beyond the service.

We’d be happy to explore with you how we can help increase your knowledge and experience of grief and mourning issues and how they influence the work of psychotherapy.  As many of our consultees have reported, it will empower you to practice more capably and imaginatively with all of your clients.