Center Director, David Fireman, LCSW and Assistant Director, Paul Martin, PsyD will be presenting keynote talks for the 2018 Clergy Institute’s annual conference: No Time to Say Goodbye: Response to Grief and Loss at Presence, Saint Francis Hospital. The conference will take place on May 22 and 23, 2018.
Learning Objectives include:

  • describing the basic principles of psychological first aid as they apply to sudden loss in acute stress phases of grief reactions, emphasizing workplace and institutional settings
  • defining terms including grief and mourning: and describing the differences between standard and newer models of bereavement
  • recognizing essential differences between attachment styles and how each manifests differently amidst experiences of loss
  • identifying more effective responses to grief, evidenced in research in cases complicated by the survivor’s attachment style
  • identifying a variety of tools used in provision of spiritual support in times of sudden loss
  • identifying resources for self care for first responders