Some of the Many Innovative Methods to Enhance Counseling

In addition to traditional grief therapy methods, there are many innovative methods  to enhance counseling, including guided imagery, expressive art therapy, and play therapy for children.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is a powerful technique that blends full body relaxation and focuses the mind to attain deeper states of consciousness. In individual sessions, clients gain insight and inroads into their emotional lives. This method has been used to help with stress management, creativity enhancement, physical relaxation, mind focusing, finding and dialoguing with an inner ally, pain reduction, addictions, and so much more.

Often, guided imagery is used as a way to speed up traditional verbal counseling by bridging to feelings that have been buried or shunted aside. While in a deeper state of consciousness, clients remain in control of their experience and are able to talk and share with their therapist during the process. In the group format, members are lead through an induction (soothing imagery set to holographic music) to facilitate relaxed brain wave states. Members then take their own personal inner journeys to explore in an open-ended way what is emotionally relevant to them at that time. They are then invited to transition back to their normal wakeful state of consciousness to return to the circle for sharing and interpreting images.

Expressive Art Therapy 

Using a wide range of natural and other materials and media, this form of therapy is used both individually and in groups. For individuals, the process of creating a piece of art as part of therapy is often enlightening. Producing an image or sculpture that represents deep inner feelings and thoughts promotes self-knowledge. In a group doing mindfulness meditations, making art, listening to evocative music, doing some forms of movement, sharing and discussing all come together for a growth-enhancing experience.

Play Therapy for Children

Another of the innovative methods to enhance counseling is play therapy for children. This offering is specifically for children who need help accessing and expressing their emotions. Working with toys, props, and art supplies, children are able to find for themselves the sources of their distress and the seeds of their creativity. This type of therapy is especially useful for children who are grieving a loss or having difficulty adjusting to a change.