Paul M. Martin

center-for-grief-recovery-paul-martinPaul M. Martin is a licensed clinical psychologist and the assistant director of The Center for Grief Recovery. He has a genuine passion for being a psychotherapist and a deep respect for the healing process that ensues when people are able to express their feelings without fear, discomfort, or inhibition. He is also sensitive to the traumatic experiences of hurtful relationships throughout life that continue to haunt people. By helping people move beyond these disappointments, Paul has been amazed to see how well people can make sense of what once seemed confusing and disorienting while also gaining a better understanding of how they function in relationships. Ultimately, Paul’s aim is to nurture the growth of individuals who are able to affirm their authentic selves and enjoy their lives as they unfold.

Paul has extensive experience providing interpersonal psychotherapy, emotionally expressive psychotherapy, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He draws heavily from his training in psychodynamic theory and psychoanalysis. To this end, he encourages dream interpretation, analysis of the unconscious, and expression of repressed emotions as avenues towards change. Paul also draws from his lifelong experiences as a musician to help people access their intuition and foster creativity in their lives. His clinical experiences have focused on helping people who are struggling with chronic depression and anxiety, feelings of loneliness or isolation from others, and grief.

Paul specializes in individual psychotherapy for those struggling with loss and grief. He uses a variety of psychodynamic, existential and behavioral interventions to help people recover from traumatic loss and overcome complicated bereavement. He also tailors his work to meet the unique needs of each individual in their efforts to effectively cope with grief and mourn their losses. Much of his work continues to address instances when a more recent loss triggers past, insufficiently-processed feelings about earlier losses. His experiences have taught him that losses in one’s past can continue to have a profound impact on one’s present functioning and happiness. Paul continues to assist and support individuals in the painful, yet productive work involved in grieving multiple losses.

Paul received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He has also completed a fellowship in the study of psychoanalysis through the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis. Dr. Martin is a faculty member at his alma mater where he teaches graduate-level psychology coursework that focuses on psychodynamic theory and intervention as well as the broad topic of separation, loss and mourning.He also provides continuing education workshops and individual consultation for professionals working with grief.Lastly, Paul is currently writing a book to be published in late 2018 titled Grieving, In One’s Own Way: Creating Unique Rituals that Help the Individual Mourn in which he considers how cultures around the world use mourning rituals differently from one another and how the individual can create their own individual mourning rituals to facilitate the deeply personal grieving process.

To reach Paul Martin please email or call 773.274.4600 x 5.