Joe Byrne

center-for-grief-recovery-joe-byrneJoe Byrne, M.Ed., Psy.D., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Alder University. He brings to The Center the experience of a first full career in education. His area of expertise was Reading and Learning Disabilities with an emphasis on thought, language, the process of comprehension and meta-comprehension. This influences his work as a therapist in the belief in the power of narrative in the journey of one’s life.

Joe collaborates with each client in an environment of respect, dignity, and compassion to provide pathways to mindful understanding and positive changes: when experiencing personal distress; in personal growth; with interpersonal and family relationships; and, in school or career development.

He has worked in community mental health settings, half-way houses, adult transition centers, juvenile justice settings, school mental health, evaluation of seriously mentally ill children in hospitalized settings, and private practice settings. He holds mindfully the effects of trauma and exposure to violence, as well as well as the many facets of loss on a person’s life and the lives of caregivers.

His philosophy about people is that each and all are looking to make life better, and they have the resources and strengths to make that happen. The question is not what is wrong, but what has happened or is happening to open this opportunity to seek a different pathway. A person’s worth is indisputable. It belongs to no person, institution, culture, or belief system.

Joe takes an integrative approach being present with each person’s life story or situation, and offering a narrative approach along with cognitive and behavioral supports, mindfulness-based strategies and other techniques that fit each person’s experience.

To reach Joe Byrne please email or call 773.274.4600 x 7