Derek Vincent

Derek-VincentDerek is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) who values establishing the therapeutic relationship as a means to providing a safe, nonjudgmental, supportive, and collaborative environment where clients can contemplate new perspectives, and regain more balanced, satisfying, and fulfilling life. In his experience as a hospice grief counselor, he has helped and supported individuals and families struggling with grief, health challenges, isolation and loneliness, relationship concerns, major life transitions and crisis. Derek works with adolescents and adults in individual and group settings.

As clinical certified trauma professional, Derek is mindful of how traumatic experiences can continue to affect us through life, leaving us feeling stuck in patterns of anxiety, anger, depression, physical pain, and ineffective relationships. He has witnessed the transformational process of therapy facilitate healing and empower individuals to effectively change these patterns. He has seen this lead to increased psychological flexibility and coping skills to regain strength and control over client’s lives.

Derek believes in open communication and creating a safe space where all areas of life can be explored without judgement. Multicultural dynamics relating to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and age are embraced as forums for insight and growth and to better understand identities and values throughout the therapy process.

In addition to his interest as a counselor, Derek is an avid musician. He enjoys composing, performing, and educating people on the benefits of music. He is also an experienced meditator and active in nature. He draws on all these experiences to enhance creativity and attunement in the therapeutic process for each individual he counsels.

Derek received a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Northeastern Illinois University. He also holds a master’s degree in music composition from Roosevelt University and a bachelor’s degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music.

To reach Derek, email