Annie Grossman, LCSW

annie-grossmanAnnie Grossman is a licensed clinical social worker with over 13 years’ experience working with children, adolescents and adults on a variety of issues related to grief and loss. Annie feels privileged and honored to have the opportunity to provide therapeutic services to clients as they navigate their lives both during and after a loss. Annie has been trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and values the importance of the therapist-client relationship in order to foster a safe space to work together. Annie aims to help clients express their feelings, fears and worries, to help them process their loss(es) and to sensitively make sense of their “new normal.” Annie understands that grief and mourning reactions include, but are not limited to, the death of a loved one. Loss may also be experienced in other contexts due to various life circumstances, such as divorce, chronic illness, adoption, infertility, parenting a child with mental illness or even a sudden job loss. The experiences of these life events are just as important to honor and can also benefit from working through a therapeutic process.

Annie believes in the power of psychotherapy and its ability to allow clients to reflect and make sense of the world in an effort to gain more freedom from the traumas and traps of chronic worry, despair, anger and resentment. She is especially empathic and attentive to past traumas and how they continue to affect clients in the here and now. She has extensive experience providing psychoanalytic psychotherapy to children and parents and has worked both in both pediatric and adult hospitals as well as clinical settings. She understands the stress and emotional toll that both chronic illness and sudden losses take on individuals and their families.

Annie received her Masters of Social Work and a Masters of Public Health from The University of Michigan. Annie has worked with families and individuals from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds from throughout the Chicagoland area.

Finally, Annie has extensive experience working with perinatal and postpartum mothers as part of the Northshore University Health System Perinatal Depression Program. She works for the Perinatal Family Support Center and the MOMS Line at Northshore University Health System in addition to her role as a staff consultant for the Permanency Planning and Evaluation team at JPA (Juvenile Protection Association).

In her free time Annie enjoys triathlons, cooking, crafting, and drinking good coffee. To reach Annie Grossman, please email or call 773.274.4600.