Ali Vernasco, LCSW

Ali Vernasco is a licensed clinical social worker with over 11 years of experience working with adults from various backgrounds. Since obtaining her master’s in social work with a mental health concentration from Loyola University Chicago, Ali has worked in inpatient psychiatric settings, community-based mental health settings, hospice, and outpatient community health.  Ali is passionate about working with adults from all walks of life and helping them along their healing journey.

Ali believes that letting her clients tell their story is an important part of the therapeutic process, especially working through grief.  Allowing space to make sense of the different parts of the story is an important part of building rapport and sustaining an alliance.  She is client-centered and uses various therapy techniques when working with clients.

Having worked in multiple settings, Ali has rich experience helping adult caregivers who are caring for older adults, as well as young children with special needs.  She understands that grief shows up in many ways and is not always manifested as a physical loss, as is the case with many caregivers.  Ali is passionate about helping caregivers understand their role and value, and how to create balance while caring for another individual.  She helped to start the Caregiver Intervention Program at Rush university medical center, which offers brief treatment to caregivers caring for older adults.

Ali thinks creatively when working with clients and appreciates and fosters a creative approach to therapy.  She is a singer and enjoys working with other artists and helping individuals find their creativity while healing.  When she is not in the therapy room, she is usually playing her harp or tap dancing. Contact Ali at 224-255-7543 or